Kyle Jackson

Full Stack Web Developer

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I am a recent graduate of Centriq Training's Full Stack Web Development track, that is working on completing a career change. I spent the last 14 years working in management in the meat manufacturing industry but needed something more. Technology has always been my thing, and I had always held an interest in what was going on behind the scenes that made technology possible. After touring Centriq and researching programming online, I knew that programming was what I really wanted to be doing.


Blending & Processing Supervisor

Kansas City Sausage Company

Directed the activities of blending and processing employees to meet scheduling requirements of sausage based products. Confered with other supervisors to coordinate operations between multiple departments. Kept records of employee attendance and hours worked. Set up and adjusted machines and equipment to meet product specifications. Recommended and implemented measures to motivate employee and improve production methods, equipment performance, product quality and production efficiency.

May, 2017 - June, 2018

Value Added Department Supervisor

Triumph Foods

Planned and coordinated production schedules and the activities of the employees in the value added department. Worked closely with the supervisors of the department to coordinate the efforts of each room in the department to meet scheduling requirements. Observed work of team members and evaluted finished products to ensure that all work met product specifications. Coordinated with human resources department and Union representatives to resolve worker issues, complaints, and conflicts. Read and analyzed production schedules and other records to determine production requirements and evalute current production estimates and outputs.

August, 2015 - May, 2017

Senior Production Superintendent

Oct, 2010 - Aug, 2015

Production Superintendent

Sep, 2008 - Oct, 2010

Production Supervisor

June, 2004 - Sep, 2008
Kansas City Steak Company

Work closely with other department managers to maintain the plants profitable operation. Requistioned materials, supplies and repairs to maintain efficiences of the production floor and its machinery. Directed and Coordinated the activities of all employees in the product of various beef products. Planned and established work schedules, assignments and production sequences to meet prodcution goals. Maintained operations data, such as time, production, and product specifications and prepared management reports of production results. Conducted employee training in equipment operation, work, safety and government regulations.

June, 2004 - August, 2015


Centriq Training

Leawood, Kansas
Full Stack Web Development Track

August 2018 - December 2018

Oak Park High School

Kansas City, Missouri

Class of 2002

September 1998 - June 2002


Programming Languages & Tools

Front-End: HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, jQueryUI, CSS3, Responsive/Mobile Web Development, Bootstrap

Middle Tier: Visual Studio, C#.NET, ASP.NET, LINQ, MVC, EF

Back End: ADO.NET, SQL, SQL Server, SSMSE

  • Solid foundational knowledge of designing and developing full-stack web applications using .NET framework.
  • Complex problem solver capable of evaluating workflow issues and quickly finding solutions to those issues.
  • An active learner that can apply new information and skills to my work and knowledge base.
  • A team player who can contribute to , support, and encourage his co-workers and colleagues.
  • Organized and detailed, able to apply structure to my duties to meet deadlines and schedule requirements

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Portfolio of Work

uStore v1

Poster Paradise

This is my uStore project, Poster Paradise. The purpose of this project was to build a website meant to sell a product, that included a frequently asked questions page, a shopping cart and a contact page. This is the slimmed down deployment version of my uStore meant for deployment at this time. I have a much larger more involved uStore project that this is derived from. That project contains much, much more content and many more products and several more web pages. My intent is to continue to build that site, integrating the new systems and technologies that I am learning at Centriq, and deploy that larger project closer to the end of my time here at Centriq to see the evolution of it as time progresses.

uStore v2

Poster Paradise v2

This is VERSION 2 of my uStore project, Poster Paradise. This version is now in MVC format with a connected database. It features login functionality, as well as the ability to register and set roles such as "Admin", "Manager", "Employee", "Customer", etc... This new veersion also includes the ability to see tables from the connected database to view products and details as a whole. The connected database also allows the site Admin to create, edit and delete records from the database but is locked down in a way so that those options are not visable to user not login in as Admin. All in all I have not added the large amount of products that my original planned out site included but I am still working to make that happen.

SAT (Scheduling Administration Tool)

American University

The scheduling administration tool is a project that we started as part of our TEAM concepts week at centriq. We worked together in class to build an in class version of this project and then were given a brief and set of customer requirements and then were ask to create our own version of the SAT project. I challenged myself to take this simple structure project and get it done in a quick and efficient manner while meeting the project requirements. I was able to get this done in a weekend and am very pleased with the way it came out. I have found that I really like the front end development aspect of programming and this project definitely focused less on the front end looks and more on the overall site and it's functionality.


American Protein Purveyors

Final projects at Centriq Training gives the student the choice of 3 project briefs to choose from to complete and present to employers, instructors and classmates. The 3 options are a Reservation System (Pet Motel) where you must develop a business application for reserving services as a user, for example a pet motel, where a user could reserve "space" for a pet. The second was a Learning Management System where a user would be part of a online "class" and the application would manage that students work and schedule for completing the course. The last option was an Internal Job Board, meant to act as a companies internal human resources tool for posting job openings and allowing employee to register as a user and then apply for jobs. I chose to the third option, the internal job board.


  • Create an internal corporate application that employees can register for profile on to view job openings.
  • Allow the user to upload and save a resume to their profile.
  • Allow the user to view all job openings with the company at any location.
  • Give the user the ability to apply for a job with a single click.
  • Users should only be able to see the applications that they submitted.
  • Location Managers should be able to view all applications to their location
  • Managers should be able to review the application, add notes to the application and choose whether to accept or decline the application
  • Managers should also be able to create, edit, update and delete the positions at their location
  • Administrators should have complete CRUD (Create, Update, Edit and Delete) functionality of the site.
  • Application should track all job openings, positions with the company, locations, and users.

My Project

My project is called American Protein Purveyors. I choose to do an application with a beef company because of my time working in the industry. I wanted to take the opportunity to bridge the gap between my old profession and my new career path. American Protein is a whole process beef company that specializes in the production and sale of beef products to the foodservice and retail industries. APP owns and operates 5 beef plants in the United States that are strategically located across the country to service our customers by region. American Protein includes positions ranging from the start of the process when the cattle is received at the plant to the end of the process being shipped out to customers across the country.

I enjoyed doing this project very much. This project really allowed me the chance to feel like I am turning the corner during this huge change of career for me. It allowed me to really showcase the meat industry, something that I really loved be apart of for 14 years, while it gave me the opportunity to show that I am well on my way to becoming a professional programmer. I know I have a long way to go but it feels amazing to know that I could have never made this project just 4 months ago, but now with all I have learned at Centriq, that I can. I hope you will take the time to look it over, and that you enjoy American Protein Purveyors.

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